In the Kaluga region began harvesting – Печать

In the Kaluga region began harvesting – Печать

Дек 16, 2018 Статьи

The start of harvesting has become the main theme of the weekly videoconference of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kaluga region with local governments of the region.

“The weather conditions have somewhat adjusted the dates for the start of grain harvesting and continue to restrain the pace of harvesting,” said the Minister of Agriculture of the Kaluga Region Leonid Gromov. However, 9 districts began harvesting grain. Basically, the benchmark is taken for ivy, but a number of farms are removed, followed by drying.

As of today, 890 hectares have been harvested, 1,470 tons of grain have been threshed, of which 1200 tons are flattened. The yield is 33.4 c / ha

In three districts – Babyninsky, Kozelsky, Peremyshlsky, the harvesting of potatoes has begun. To date, accumulated 55 tons of early potatoes.

In four districts, they began harvesting open-field vegetables – Kozelsky, Meshchovsky, Peremyshlsky, Sukhinichsky. To date, collected 190 tons.

Rapeseed on an area of ​​11 hectares in Lyudinovsky district.