BOC Sciences Has Updated Its API Synthesis by Joining Intermediates Synthesis Service

BOC Sciences Has Updated Its API Synthesis by Joining Intermediates Synthesis Service

Янв 16, 2017 Статьи

Chemical institutes and pharmaceutical companies now have another great option in choosing Intermediates Synthesis Service provided by BOC Sciences, a leading supplier of premium chemicals and custom synthesis services for nearly a decade.

Shirley, NY, USA-BOC Sciences, a US-based global manufacturer of high-quality chemicals and efficient custom services to support the pharmaceutical industry through all stages of drug discovery, has recently added intermediates synthesis to its API synthesis portfolio. It’s a good move for BOC Sciences as well as a good news for researchers and scientists who are in need of intermediates and intermediates synthesis service.

The pharmaceutical industry has seen an increasing demand of drug intermediates and fine chemicals for medicine production. As an emerging leader in drug discovery, BOC Sciences keeps expending its product and service portfolio. That’s why the company adds intermediates synthesis to its service portfolio. Up to now, the company provides thousands of high-quality chemicals and biochemicals including APIs, natural and chiral compounds, ADCs, intermediates, and etc. It also excels at providing custom synthesis to chemicals and biochemicals, including API synthesis, chiral synthesis and resolution, PEGylation services, and etc.

For intermediates synthesis, at this stage, BOC Sciences specializes the service mainly in anti-hypertensive drugs, drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease, and β3-receptor agonists. It claims to cover custom needs in the aspect of chemical analysis.

“Intermediates level control is an important and necessary procedure during the drug production process.” Said Dr. Lina Green, Scientist Representative in Drug Discovery Division of BOC Sciences, “Not only in pre-clinical stage but also in clinical stage, intermediates synthesis are closely related to the quality, safety and efficacy of drug products.”

The company has been developed its chemical service for nearly a decade. It has gathered a team of research and manufacturing experts in chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical fields. For this new service, the company holds great confidence.

“Our API synthesis has been in good practice since 2010.” Added Dr. Green, “In fact, before we publicize intermediates synthesis, we’ve gained a lot of lab experience in intermediates production and control. It’s just a matter of time for us to separate it as one independent service.” 

Visit BOC Sciences’ official website to learn more about this newly launched service. Custom inquiries could be sent to The company provides customer service at business hours per day, Monday through Friday.

About BOC Sciences:

BOC Sciences is a brand of BOCSCI Inc. As an innovative supplier based in New York, USA, BOC Sciences is widely accepted to its global clients in providing comprehensive pharmaceutical services for nearly a decade. With a series of advanced platforms and a team of scientist experts, the company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of research chemicals and biochemicals as well as professional custom synthesis of those chemicals. Dedicated to become a trusted brand, BOC Sciences is customer-centered and strives to develop a new standard for drug development and accelerate the speed of science.