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American farmers left to sow 8% of the area with soybeans

By the end of June, American farmers planted 92% of the planned area with soybeans. On a similar date last year, the sowing of soybeans was already completed. Shoots appeared on 83% of the area, which is 15% less than on the same date last year and 12% less than the average over the past five years.

According to estimates by the US Department of Agriculture, this year the area of ​​soybean sowing will be 80 million acres (32.38 million hectares), which is the lowest figure since 2013 and is 10% less than last year.

The state of soybean crops leaves much to be desired. As of June 30, 54% of crops are in good and excellent condition (71% a year earlier), 35% (23%) are in satisfactory condition, and 11% (6%) are in poor and very poor.