PHP WebSocket2 Library
PHP5 Library for browsing web

This is an example of how to intercept automatic HTTP redirections with HttpRequestManager.

require '../websock2.php';
define('EOL', php_sapi_name() === 'cli' ? PHP_EOL : '<br>');
//Create HTTP request manager and supply it with socket
$manager = new HttpRequestManager(new FileSocket);
//Set up redirection interception
$manager->setOnRedirectCallback(function(WebRequest $original_request, WebResponse $response,
WebRequest $new_request, $http_code, HttpRequestManager $manager)
echo 'We are redirected to: ' . $new_request->getFullAddress() . EOL;
return true; //Return false to abort redirect and return from runRequest
//This request will redirect us 6 times
echo $manager->runRequest(WebRequest::createFromUrl(''))->getBody();